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The ease of managing your website has contributed to the overall success of WordPress.

E-Commerce Pack is most suitable for any business wanted to do transactions online. Best for a company or service/product that is READY to sell online (physical products or virtual service). Rest assured that we have all sorts of supporting modules, from the Shipping/Delivery module that handling different kinds of costs and conditions, to the payment gateway by buyer’s location to maximize your profit. We utilize one of the world’s most Famous E-Commerce engine – WooCommerce with more than 1,000 extensions to support a different kinds of your online business needs!

With the corporate pack, you can spend more time on developing quality content as together we will rest assure website structure is aligned with your marketing/business strategy.

All Jagole VIP Packs included: SSL Cert (HTTPS secured URL), CDN (faster content delivery to worldwide), Domain Name (.com x1 year), Visitor Analytics (Google Analytics integration), Enterprise-Grade Hosting (Independent Server), Multi-Built-In Performance Optimization (SEO, Lossless Compression, Caching, etc), Enterprise-Grade Built-In-Security and most importantly – 45 minutes Professional Consultation on Preparing your Website Content.

Daily Backup

Your website will be backup daily at midnight 3am! So you wouldn’t worry about if anything goes wrong and you can always restore to the previous update!

Enable backup in yearly basic to enjoy WORRY-FREE for one whole year!

General Maintenance

Plugins, Themes, API updates. We help you to monitor your website healthy and making sure all integrations and third-party services are up-to-date!


You want to know how your website perform? Get this complete website health report for you, every Monday 7am, as low as RM 10 per month only!


You need help to update your website, especially adjusting conditions of your e-commerce site to fully automate? No problem, we are here to help!

Excluding customization

Very useful for e-commerce website with high traffic and frequent update; Excluding major customization


One on One dedicated 45 minutes to give you the best advice either to start or revamp your website.

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