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Individual Pack


The ease of managing your website has contributed to the overall success of WordPress. Individual Pack is most suitable for freelancers from any small business/service/consultation (such as Photographer, Videographer, Financial Consultant, Property Consultant/Agent, Medical Personnel, Artist, Blogger, Speaker, Trainer, Influencer or any individual that need a professional website to represent yourself or your business/service/product. With the individual pack, you can spend more time on developing quality content as together we will rest assure website structure is aligned with your marketing/business strategy. All Jagole VIP Packs included: SSL Cert (HTTPS secured URL), CDN (faster content delivery to worldwide), Domain Name (.com x1 year), Visitor Analytics (Google Analytics integration), Enterprise-Grade Hosting (Independent Server), Multi-Built-In Performance Optimization (SEO, Lossless Compression, Caching, etc), Enterprise-Grade Built-In-Security and most importantly - 45 minutes Professional Consultation on Preparing your Website Content.